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Tracking & Payment System: Beta(mainnet)

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Temporary Adjustment: Due to some long block times, starting 2020-12-22 the block count for each earning period has been dropped to 560 (from 570) until the period end is closer to 1AM UTC (about 10 days). 

Rewards: Starting Dec. 2nd 2020 the node rewards are lower due to the block rewards halving.  Horizen Halving

See Details regarding changing a Stake Address

Use the Installation Guide to set up a node.

Beta status - We are still in beta and that includes the payment process. Please be patient as we test and refine the servers and the process.

Earning period is 570 blocks (about a day). Payouts are on Mondays.

Help may be found in Discord #node-support-center channel or

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Current Block Height: 870832

Current Earning Period ends at block 870858 on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 01:07:17 GMT

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